Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lori Meyer-Music Studio
(920) 421-0753
3 Convenient Door County Locations!

About “Tutti Strings”:
“Tutti Strings” is the music studio of professional musician and certified music educator Mrs. Lori Meyer. Music Lessons are offered on violin, viola, cello, and string bass to Door County Residents, ages 7-adult. Students who study a stringed instrument through “Tutti Strings” (Tutti is an Italian Word meaning Everyone) will learn to play the violin, viola, cello or string bass at a high level.

Performance Opportunities:
All students are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned by playing in recitals and master classes. Recital and Master Class Dates will be set well in advance and you will be contacted by e-mail or phone about these opportunities as details are set.

Lessons are offered at 3 convenient locations throughout Door County:
1. Southern Door Elementary School, Southern Door School District (Just off of Hwy 57)

2. First Baptist Church, Sturgeon Bay (5th and Georgia Street, Sturgeon Bay)

3. United Methodist Church, Egg Harbor (Hwy 42 in Downtown Egg Harbor)

Lesson Prices:
30-minute lessons $15.00
45-minute lessons $22.50
60-minute lessons $30.00

Paying for lessons:
Payment for monthly lessons is due at the first lesson of each month. Most months will have 4 lessons, but you will receive a list of scheduled lessons at the end of every month for the upcoming month.

Practicing/Arrival for Lessons:
Students should plan on practicing the length of their lesson at least 5 days a week. Therefore if you are taking a 30-minute lesson, please practice 30-minutes a day. Please arrive 5-minutes early for lessons so we can start on time and parents should pick up their child immediately following the completion of the lesson unless otherwise arranged.

Cancellation Policies:
A family can receive credit for a missed lesson due to student illness or a family emergency (sports and after school activities are not emergencies), only if I am contacted prior to the lesson being missed. Please call ASAP for emergency cancellations at (920) 421-0753. You can e-mail me at least 24 hours prior to a missed lesson at: Poor winter weather is an excused absence, and I will contact you if lessons will need to be cancelled due to my inability to travel.

Lesson times belong to the student scheduled. Lessons are given on a weekly basis. Other missed lessons are unexcused and will not be refunded or credited. Please attend lessons even if your child has not sufficiently practiced. There is always something to learn at lessons!

Thank you for registering for lessons with me this year! I am looking forward to continuing with those who have been studying with me and meeting new faces!

First Lesson:
Please bring the following things to your lesson:
1. Instrument
2. Music
-Continuing students may be asked to purchase new books throughout the year
-New students need: Essential Elements 2000 for chosen instrument
3. Sharpened Pencil
4. Notebook for writing down weekly assignments

Lessons will begin the week of August 23rd for Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor Locations. Southern Door Lessons will begin the first week of school.

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